Putin Bombs Big Pharma in Ukraine

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Putin Bombs Big Pharma in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered the destruction of a Kyiv pharmaceutical laboratory suspected of manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines that reached the arms of Russian citizens.

The Farmak plant was flattened Wednesday night by hypersonic cruise missiles launched from a Russian frigate in the Black Sea, Real Raw News has learned. The blast and ensuing fireball killed approximately 150 employees, Russian intelligence sources told RRN.

FSB Agent Andrei Zakharov and Dr. Angelica Balabinov said on a call that Moderna had contracted Farmak to produce and distribute the clot shots across Eastern Europe. RRN has detailed Zakharov’s impressive credentials in the past. Dr. Balabinov is the FSB employee and immunologist who correlated the vaccines to a sudden surge of HIV among Russian citizens, prompting President Putin to shut down pharma plants in Russia, destroy vaccine stockpiles, and summarily execute medical professionals that defied his edict outlawing COVID-19 vaccines in the Russian Federation.

In October, the FSB acquired intelligence suggesting that Farmak had created a figurative pipeline by which its representatives had smuggled the deadly vaccines across the border and set up clandestine inoculation centers to jab willing Russian citizens. Like people in every country, the Russian populace has been duped into believing boosters save lives, and, according to Zakharov, throngs of naive people are still clamoring for a jab.

On October 17, the FSB and Moscow police raided Boxberry–a delivery service for online stores and other long-distance trade companies–and found dozens of boxes holding identical products: COVID-19 vaccines. The employees were arrested, and the vaccines were sent to the Ministry of Science for chemical analysis.

“They traced the vials back to Farmak,” Dr. Balabinov said. “This is very disheartening; as we’ve seen before, a toxicological analysis showed the vials had venom from the Caspian cobra.”

A week later, the Russian Army, on Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s orders, stormed a St. Petersburg church where Doctors Without Borders was administering “influenza” vaccines to masses of Russian citizens.

“We believed these flu shots were really COVID-19 shots and mislabeled on purpose, and the people knew this,” Zakharov said.

The physicians and nurses, and a handful of citizens, were “detained” for interrogation.

“Yes, at first, they said they just wanted an influenza shot. But we broke them, and they admitted the truth: The shots were boosters,” Zakharov said.

“That lot also came from Farmak,” said Dr. Balabinov. “And again, we found venom.”

At that juncture, Zakharov said, the FSB planted undercover agents in Farmak to verify the company was indeed pumping out the potentially lethal jabs. Having confirmed the clot shots’ presence, the agents reported their findings to the Ministry of Defense, which then informed Putin.

“We do not, how you say, dilly dally. President Putin, you know, is a humanitarian, not the warmonger the West says he is. He struck the plant at night when fewer people were there,” Zakharov said.

The undercover agents had determined the Farmak ran three round-the-clock shifts, and 75-150 employees worked the graveyard shift instead of the 350-500 on the other shifts.

A Russian warship in the Black Sea, Zakharov said, fired a volley of 3M22 Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, which travel at Mach 9 and can defeat air defense systems, at the Farmak plant. The barrage razed the compound to the ground—no wall was left standing.

“These demons, all of them, must be dealt with. If they bring their poisons into Russia, they are fair game. President Putin—he will not allow these filth here,” Zakharov said.

Putin Bombs Big Pharma in Ukraine