JAG Sentences Biden Regimes Chief Science Officer to Death

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JAG Sentences Biden Regimes Chief Science Officer to Death. The criminal Biden Regime’s chief science officer, Arati Prabhakar, was convicted of conspiracy to commit treason and insurrection and sentenced to death Tuesday morning at a Guantanamo Bay military tribunal, GITMO sources told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, U.S. Marines on New Year’s Eve arrested a tipsy Prabhakar as she was imbibing champagne and watching Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve in the living room of her lavish home. The Marines took Prabhakar to a JAG processing center, where investigators questioned her about a proposal she had authored dealing with introducing COVID-19 vaccinations into public water systems. She claimed the 32-page document, written at the bequest of Kamala Harris, was only theoretical and never meant for real-world deployment.

JAG disbelieved her and declared the proposal treasonous, primarily because Prabhakar was an appointed official in a position of power. No sane and reasonable person, JAG argued, would dream of drafting a paper about putting venom-laced clot shots in potable water. Prabhakar’s last statement to investigators before being shipped to GITMO was, “Yes, it’s theory, but if people won’t get boosted willingly, we had to find a way to keep them vaccinated.”

The document, Prabhakar’s statement, and an email chain between her and Kamala Harris were Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall’s only evidence at Tuesday’s tribunal.

Having rejected counsel, Prabhakar sat alone at the defense table, her wrists handcuffed and fastened to an armature on the table. She gazed about in dazed bewilderment, as though she didn’t believe her life was in jeopardy. Her eyes alternated between glancing at the admiral and the panel of officers that would soon decide her fate. Admiral Crandall had asked the panel to review copies of Prabhakar’s proposal as he rhythmically tapped the toes of his shoes, polished to a mirror shine, against the floor.

Detainee Prabhakar interrupted the silence: “Can I speak?”

“You’ll have a chance afterward, detainee Prabhakar,” the admiral replied sternly, waiting for the panel to finish reviewing her insidious plot.

After the lead panelist, A Marine Corps major, said they had thoroughly read the papers, the admiral told them that Prabhakar, the woman who sought to vaccinate the citizenry without their knowledge, had never herself received a COVID-19 vaccination.

“Ever since we began drawing blood from detainees, we’ve noticed a trend,” the admiral addressed the panel. “These COVID criminals, and I think that’s an apt way to describe them, dream up convoluted schemes to put their poison in people’s arms. But they are never vaccinated. Fauci. Collins. Wolensky. The list goes on. Not one of them took the shots they pushed on the public. And this detainee, this rapacious woman who has zero medical credentials, concocted an idea to poison water with vaccines. Our people say it’s unfeasible and wouldn’t work as she thinks. It wouldn’t vaccinate anyone—but it would sicken and poison people. She says she wrote it for fun, like a science project, but emails between the detainee and the woman pretending to be the United States vice president say otherwise.”

The admiral projected images of the emails onto a flat screen affixed to a wall. In one, the defendant wrote, “We start with Cleveland, watch the results, and then, if results show positive, move from city to city, pouring vaccine into filtration systems. Yes, the project will take years to complete, but in the end, we’ll have vaccinated and boosted, and will continue to boost, the majority of the population.”

Kamala Harris replied to the email: “A lot of people here think it’s foolish and too costly to pull off, so I need absolute certainty it will work before I approach AB or XB. If it works, some of these damn people here will have to give me some credibility. Please keep working on it. I know you’re smart, smarter than what we have here. It’ll boost both our political careers.”

“I will do as you ask,” Prabhakar wrote back.

It was the admiral’s contention that Prabhakar, if set free, would continue her diabolical Deep State work. He said she was a menace to society and that her actions, in accordance with the Insurrection Act of 1807, met the definition of conspiracy to commit treason and insurrection against the United States of America. He asked the panel to find her guilty and sentence her to death.

“JAG rests its case, and the detainee may testify on her own behalf provided she’s open to cross-examination,” Admiral Crandall said.

“Oh, no, I don’t want that,” Prabhakar said. “Kamala and I were just roleplaying, but I don’t want to be cross-examined.”

“Then the officers will render judgment,” the admiral said.

The panel unanimously reached a guilty verdict and opined that Prabhakar get the maximum punishment—hanging.

Admiral Crandall scheduled Prabhakar’s execution for January 30.

JAG Sentences Biden Regimes Chief Science Officer to Death