Marines Kill CDC Official During Arrest

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Marines Kill CDC Official During Arrest. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Managing Officer Aaron Aranas was shot dead Friday morning when he and two bodyguards exchanged gunfire with a U.S. Marine reconnaissance unit that had been dispatched to arrest him on charges of treason, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

He added that Aranas misappropriated $14 billion of the CDC’s $140 billion annual budget. White Hats reportedly have proof—that would’ve been presented at a military tribunal and has not yet been made available—that Aranas, a kleptocrat, pinched $1bn for himself after funneling the rest to advertising agencies that, after taking a piece of the pie, used the funds to buy ad slots on networks and streaming services. The ads encouraged the citizenry to get more COVID-19 boosters.

“Three issues: Nowhere on the CDC’s fiscal budget sheet is this advertising expense mentioned, more COVID-19 lies, and Aranas stealing stolen money for himself. JAG issued the warrant, and the Marines went to get the bastard,” our source said.

The Marines had surveilled Aranas for two days–and were aware of the security detail–before disabling a wireless alarm and barging through the front door at 1:00 a.m., when Aranas should’ve been asleep, and at least one guard ought to have been dozing off on a downstairs sofa, based on surveillance data. But as they entered, they saw both guards sitting on the sofa watching television and Aranas appearing from the kitchen with a plate of vittles. The plate hit the hardwood floor and shattered, and a guard, reaching for a sidearm on the coffee table, ordered Aranas to seek cover.

“Oh, no!” Aranas shrieked.

The guard who had reached for the pistol now had three bullets in his head. Aranas bent over at the waist and drew a .380 from an ankle holster. A Marine aimed and fired, putting rounds in Aranas’ torso. Aranas lingered a moment, then fell dead. Meanwhile, the second guard, apparently dumbstruck, had risen from the couch and was charging the Marines still filing through the entrance. He, too, was shot and killed.

“The Marines collected their wallets and IDs, grabbed devices, phones, computers. They wrapped Aranas’ body in bedspreads, quilts, that sort of thing, and put it in one of their vehicles. The other guys, and the mess, got left behind for the Deep State to clean up,” our source said.

“Didn’t go exactly according to plan, but none of our guys got hurt,” he added.

That Aranas had security came as no surprise, for CDC officials, those who haven’t fled the country, have had round-the-clock protection ever since JAG began hanging the likes of Walensky, Fauci, and Collins. The Deep Staters are at once avaricious and frugal.

“These greedy bastards rob America to enrich themselves, but they hire cheap-ass security. I can’t right now say who these guys worked for, but it was a low-budget private security firm,” our source said.

Marines Kill CDC Official During Arrest