White Hats Arrest Vaccine Tyrant Base Commander in California

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White Hats Arrest Vaccine Tyrant Base Commander in California. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigators on Wednesday arrested a California National Guard garrison commander on “suspicion of treason” in response to allegations that he mandated masking up and demoted soldiers who fell short of his “vaccine standard,” a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. The suspect, Colonel Bryan Keels, Commander of Camp Roberts, California, also stands accused of accepting “bonus pay” for coercing perfectly healthy soldiers to get excessive vaccinations.

Investigators stopped Keels Wednesday evening outside a bar in San Miguel, approximately five miles from the post. Our source said CID had monitored Keels’ routine for several days before approaching him with a military arrest warrant.

“He went to the same bar every day after work, maskless, of course,” our source said.

When shown the warrant, the maskless mask tyrant said he, a colonel, outranked the two warrant officers and commanded them to stand down and name their commanding officer.

“Presently, we answer to General Eric Smith,” a CID investigator reportedly answered.

“That man’s a traitor to President Biden and the Constitution. Your careers are over, and I strongly suggest you surrender now,” Keels barked.

The investigators told Keels he had it backward, that his career was over and that he could surrender willingly or unwillingly. But he was under arrest either way.

Our source said Keels allowed himself to be cuffed and placed in the investigators’ vehicle, assuring them that pResident Biden and Lloyd Austin would have their heads on a silver platter.

“He’ll go to GITMO or Blaz and have his day in court,” our source said.

The White Hats, he explained, took interest in Keels in March 2023 after hearing on unofficial private Discord servers used by active-duty Armed Forces that he was still mandating masks and vaccines and threatening disciplinary action against Guardsmen who called the mandates unlawful orders.

In January 2023, the regime’s corrupt Department of Defense was forced to repeal a national vaccine mandate by a largely GOP-backed requirement added to the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

Nonetheless, military commanders loyal to Joseph Biden, people like Keels, have continued intimidating and harassing the maskless and the unvaccinated. Three Camp Roberts E-4s wrote on Discord that Keels “Field Grade Article 15d” them for “disrespect to superior officers,” resulting in loss of pay and rank. The Guardsmen called the non-judicial punishment vindictive retaliation for non-compliance with unlawful orders.

Our source said CID identified and spoke with the three Guardsmen, who insisted they were innocent but accepted Article 15s in lieu of a court-martial because Keels had friends in high places and would have stacked the deck against them. CID found no evidence of insubordination or disrespect in their performance reports, and in each case, Keels was the sole accuser. The Guardsmen alleged that Keels fabricated unfounded charges to punish troops that eschewed his personal “vaccine standards”—biannual jabs—and pointed investigators toward a dozen enlisted men whom Keels had berated and punished for identical imaginary infractions.

With U.S. Army Cyber Command’s help, CID accessed Keels’ service and financial records. What they found did not shock them. Between January 2021 and August 2023, Keels’ leave-and-earning statement listed an unfamiliar entitlement abbreviated “VAC,” for which he received between $4,550-$13,750/mo.

The acronym “VAC” does not appear on the DoD’s list of military pay allowances.

Our source said JAG will prove at a military tribunal that “VAC” means “vaccine incentive” and that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin handpicked and rewarded mandate sympathizers in high-ranking positions, including Col. Keels and unnamed officers at Fort Irwin.

Keels, he added in closing, has refused to speak unless granted a phone call to Lloyd Austin.

“I guess no one told him the coward Austin is hiding in Eastern Europe,” our source said.

White Hats Arrest Vaccine Tyrant Base Commander in California