JAG Claims 97 Media Arrests in Last Two Months

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JAG Claims 97 Media Arrests in Last Two Months. On Thursday a Judge Advocate General’s Corps source in Pensacola told Real Raw News that JAG and Army CID investigators have arrested nearly one hundred media criminals in the last two months. However, the incarcerated are not the glamorized, limelight-hogging faces and figures that each day fulfill a collective thirst for (dis)information; they are not all Rachel Maddows, Anderson Coopers, or Robert Costas. Instead, they make up an equally dangerous ilk—the behind-the-scenes curators and custodians who decide what’s shown on air and published on internet white space.

Behind each popular name or face lurk irredeemable gatekeepers that distill output into digestible bites and sanitize content to fit a station or publication’s slanted agenda. Sight unseen, these kettles of ravenous vultures—which include everyone from has-been fact checkers to opinion editors, from external consultants to top floor management—huddle in conference rooms and cafeterias, where they select which stories to air with a wanton disregard for the truth. They are the driving force and the seemingly unbreakable bulwark that sell easily disprovable propaganda to naïve, malleable audiences.

When Anderson Cooper recites and expands on a headline, he glares at a teleprompter whose scrolling text someone else has authored, like most newscasters. A ‘research’ team—in his case, 16 staffers and interns who share his political biases—and an editorial board rigorously edit his spoken words. He, of course, is equally guilty; if he didn’t sell the station and the Biden regime’s falsehoods, there would be no buyers. He is more than an actor—he is a co-conspirator, as are his hirelings.

An aside: Having done a stint with what can loosely be called an MSM daily decades ago, I’ve witnessed acts of improbity and the caliginous atmosphere circulating through then-smoke-filled editorial rooms. I’ve seen solid stories shelved or reduced to a page-23 blurb and replaced with fiction. I’ve heard examples of favoritism, nepotism, and hearty recompense for gently gelling with an agenda. Unless one is part of the problem, these dens of disquietude aren’t lovely places to visit.

Our source said JAG draws no distinction between headliners and hacks; all are equivalently guilty in JAG’s eyes, provided the Staff Judge Advocate can link them to a verifiable crime.

Our source expanded: “Understand clearly no one here is criminalizing opinion or looking to infringe on the 1st Amendment. Let’s take an example: the other day, five or six news outlets, including the fallen-from-grace Drudge Report, ran articles about President Trump having cuts or sores on his hand. Some of them wildly speculated, just to stir shit up, that Trump has syphilis. This is just silly, absurd, clickbait nonsense and obviously not a crime. On the other hand, take the Arizona voting machines. We have evidence they were tampered with. So does President Trump. We recently apprehended an MSNBC editor who continually wrote stories that the machines were infallible and that President Trump is still making up tales of election fraud. That in and of itself doesn’t meet our definition of a punishable crime. But when we can prove the editor was paid by the manufacturer and by the people challenging President Trump’s side of the story—well, that is bribery. Bribery constitutes a crime, and both the offeror and the recipient can be criminally charged. What’s more, that bribery influenced an election outcome, and that broadly fits the definitions of election interference, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and, in certain cases, treason.”

“So it’s not like we’re randomly picking up people that don’t like Trump,” he continued. “We’re working on actionable evidence.”

He added that JAG and the CID’s evidence led to 94 arrests in December and January. The arrestees reportedly include employees of MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, the BBC, Vice News, Telemundo, and even the Weather Channel, and employees at the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and the Denver Post. He also named the New Yorker, Harpers, and the Atlantic. That list, he said, was not all-inclusive, and in each case, JAG discovered acts of financial impropriety.

“When we hear about a copy editor making 40 grand a year and living paycheck to paycheck and then suddenly buying a two-million-dollar home, a $150,000 sports car, and a yacht, well, it raises questions. These Deep State-adherents love flaunting money,” our source said.

The news sector, he added, has found a convenient and believable way of explaining away disappearing staff: layoffs.

In recent months, dozens of news outlets nationwide have announced or executed job cuts, citing a decline in advertising and subscription revenue, and lost viewership/readership. While this is partly true—more Americans are eschewing fabricated mainstream news in favor of factual alternative media—liberal news outlets like the Washington Post, owned by the third wealthiest person on the planet—aren’t hurting for money. And although not all papers have a Bezos benefactor, even small-town rags such as California’s The Sacramento Bee receive regular endowments from George Soros, whose limitless coffers fund and bribe Leftwing media.

“It’s a circle. These media criminals made Joe Biden their president and he, or whoever is playing him on stage, in turn empowers them,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source about the value of targeting the unrecognizable.

“You see Andeson Cooper. You see Rachel Madow on the idiot box, so you’re thinking ‘get them!’ because it’s their mugs you’re looking at. And, yes, they will be gotten. But we’re looking at a bigger picture that must be dismantled top to bottom, just not necessarily always in that order,” he said.

JAG Claims 97 Media Arrests in Last Two Months